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A relaxing solo trip to the Ebro Delta area of Catalonia, first time back since a visit in July/August 2011. A 2.5-hour flight from Leeds-Bradford to Reus Airport, located to the south of Barcelona in north-east Spain - the delta itself is less than an hour's drive from the airport. Arrived lunchtime on Saturday 7th May and started packing for home early evening on Tuesday 10th May. Brilliant weather, mostly in the mid 20's (up to early 30's inland), bright sunshine the norm, occasionally some problems with heat haze, especially inland, but overall, no major barrier to taking advantage of the photo opportunities available for a great selection of birds. Rented a small rural house amongst the rice fields, complete with resident chickens, just outside Deltebre on the north side of the Ebro. Usually out from dawn to dusk but at an easy pace, with a morning spent high up on the 4,700+ feet limestone massif of Els Ports National Park, a day inland around the exceptionally hot steppe type habitat of the Lleida/Mas de Melons area and the balance of the time around the delta itself. Such a great variety of habitats in a scenic setting ranging from coastal beaches, lagoons, reedbeds & wetlands, high mountainous peaks, plus the endless grassy plains of the interior. One of the best & easiest trips I've done, highly recommended. Hopefully the gallery will give an idea of both the place and the wildlife of the area.
Sunrise - Ebro Delta, Spain - May 2022Night heronBee-eaterBonelli's eagleSquacco heronGlossy ibisGreater flamingoLittle stintGlossy ibisYellow wagtailGreater flamingoBee-eaterEls Ports National Park, Spain - May 2022Els Ports National Park, Spain - May 2022Els Ports National Park, Spain - May 2022Calandra larkBlack-winged stiltSavi's warblerRiet Vell, Ebro Delta - May 2022Tree sparrow