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First ever trip to the eastern Mediterranean, with a week long visit to the Cyprus at the very start of April timed to coincide with the spring migration period. Based myself in Paphos in the west of the island, flight times from Newcastle were not far off 5 hours each way. Staying in a hotel midway between the airport and Paphos itself, most of the birding locations were relatively local - areas covered were Paphos Archaeological Site, Mandria, Ayia Varvara, Anarita Park, Aspro Dam & Aphrodite's Rock. Less than an hour to the east near Limassol, Akrotiri Marsh was a personal favourite, with the Lady's Mile Beach lagoons nearby very good for waders. Other locations visited included a morning in the picturesque Troodos Mountains (peaking at 1,952 metres), another early morning visit to Cape Greco in the east & a pleasant afternoon watching raptors in the hills around Theletra. Generally the weather was very good, temperatures either side of 20 degrees, usually sunny with a couple of cloudier/mixed days.

Birding was excellent with plenty of photo opportunities, around fifteen species I'd never seen before (plus an additional two species heard only, being Cyprus Scops Owl & Black Francolin), as well numerous ones I'd only encountered in either a rare migrant context in the UK, or on other foreign trips, but which were easier to observe here. Couldn't be a simpler trip really, being a resort destination there are lots of different flight options and types of accommodation available, you drive on the left same as at home and road signs are generally in both Greek and English. There were a few targets I hoped to see and missed, plus a few sites I didn't get to, so definitely worth another visit.
Masked shrike, Troodos Mountains, Cyprus - April 2023Marsh harrier, Lady's Mile Beach, Cyprus - April 2023Little crake, Ayia Varvara, Cyprus - April 2023Pallid harrier, Mandria, Cyprus - April 2023Hoopoe, Aphrodite's Rock, Cyprus - April 2023Glossy ibis, Akrotiri Marsh, Cyprus - April 2023Night heron, Bishop's Pool, Akrotiri, Cyprus - April 2023Squacco heron, Mandria, Cyprus - April 2023Eastern black-eared wheatear, Anarita Park, Cyprus - April 2023Masked shrike, Troodos Mountains, Cyprus - April 2023Ferruginous duck, Bishop's Pool, Akrotiri, Cyprus - April 2023Crested lark, Mandria, Cyprus - April 2023Hoopoe, Mandria, Cyprus - April 2023Montagu's harrier, Theletra, Cyprus - April 2023Cyprus - April 2023Spanish sparrow, Mandria, Cyprus - April 2023Aphrodite's Rock, Cyprus - April 2023Aphrodite's Rock, Cyprus - April 2023Aphrodite's Rock, Cyprus - April 2023Red-rumped swallow, Akrotiri Marsh, Cyprus - April 2023