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You're virtually guaranteed top quality wildlife and scenery in Spain, and a long Bank Holiday weekend early May based in Algorfa to the south-west of Alicante, didn't disappoint. Location wise El Hondo, a wetland reserve I'd always wanted to see was about a 15 minute drive from the hotel, with a good selection of other nature reserves within striking distance. In addition, with the nearby motorway network, travelling further afield was also relatively straightforward.

My first visit to the Costa Blanca part of Spain, so covered a decent number of miles and sites to try and get a feel of the place. The variety of habitats included wetlands (both inland and coastal), mountains, the relatively lush upland grasslands on the Central Plateau of Spain and the dry, arid lowland steppes around the Guadalentin Valley.

El Hondo was superb and exceeded expectations, the boardwalks gave the opportunity for close range views, including some bird species that are either globally endangered, near threatened or just have a toe-hold in Europe.

Personal favourite sites visited in addition to the above were San Pedro del Pinatar Salinas, Lo Monte reserve, plus the areas around Higeruela, Petrola and Bonete.

The sierras were generally quiet from a wildlife point of view, not helped by normally visiting during the hottest part of the day, but the vistas were great and it's always an experience driving on the narrow, winding mountain roads.

Would love to visit again.
El Hondo, Spain - May 2024Red-knobbed coot, El Hondo, Spain - May 2024Monnegre, Spain - May 2024Purple  gallinule, El Hondo, Spain - May 2024Broad scarlet, Lo Monte, Spain - May 2024Greater flamingo, Santa Pola Salinas, Spain - May 2024Pallid swift, El Hondo, Spain - May 2024Sooty orange tip, steppes, Bonete area, Spain - May 2024White-headed duck, Lo Monte, Spain - May 2024Clot de Galvany, Spain - May 2024Yellow-legged gull, Santa Pola Salinas, Spain - May 2024Sunrise, steppes, Bonete area, Spain - May 2024Slender-billed gull, San Pedro del Pinatar, Spain - May 2024Santa Pola Salinas, Spain - May 2024Squacco heron, El Hondo, Spain - May 2024Golden eagle, Yecla area, Spain - May 2024Sanderling, Laguna de Petrola, Spain - May 2024Little egret, El Hondo, Spain - May 2024Higueruela, Spain - May 2024Black-eyed blue, Monnegre, Spain - May 2024